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This is a condition for all the transactions that happens on that you have read and accepted all the conditions written on this page. When the user has marked the field “I accept terms and conditions”, you have made an agreement between you as a user and, then you are bound by the terms on this website. All purchases are governed under the danish law.


Our promotional offers various from only 1€ to 4€ for the first 3 days of trial. Then your membership costs each 30th day, which is automatically deducted from your credit card, if you haven't cancelled your trial. You can unsubscribe from your subscription under "My Account" or customer service.

Prices for trial in different currencies:

  • - 1€, 5DKK, 5NOK, 5SEK

  • - 4€, 29DKK, 29NOK, 29SEK

Prices for membership in different currencies:

  • - 75€, 560DKK, 710NOK, 775SEK

Members can always cancel their membership by sending an e-mail to or through "my account”.

Rules for advertisement

When you buy extra visibility on it is a demand, that you have a real intention with your advertising. There can not be any wrong or misleading informations in the advertisement. On all advertisements will be accepted and we contain the right to edit or delete advertisements with wrong or misleading content. When creating a advertisement the content have to be created with a good and sober tone, so the content in no way can be marked as offensive.

For example it is not allowed to: harassment, bringing racist comments, bringing threats of violence, invoking illegal acts, bringing defamation (injuries), unjustified accusations, etc., bringing pornographic material. can without hesitation remove or edit all informations that is against the rules.

Disclaimer handles the contact between the tenant and the landlord and is not a part of the actual lease of a product/service. earns no kind of guarantee or insurance of your rented/tenanted product. This is the responsibility of the tenant / landlord for the product / service to comply with the description, and the treatment at the tenant is in accordance with the agreement with the owner / landlord. is not liable for any losses that may arise in connection with your use, etc. of the services made available. takes no liability that the landlords responds the tenant as there can be several tenants messaging the landlords.

In addition, is not liable for loss caused by: Crashes in and / or failing access to IT systems, servers, etc., or destruction / damage / loss, etc. of data in the systems, including can be attributed to the events mentioned below, regardless of the fact that it is which is responsible for the operation of the systems. Failure of power supply or telecommunications at Regulatory remedy. Terror or vandalism (including computer viurs and hacking), unrest, rebellion, tampering, war or natural disasters. Strike, lockout, boycott, or blockade, whether the conflict is directed or initiated by itself or its organization, and whatever the cause of the conflict. This also applies when the conflict only affects parts of Other circumstances, and force majeure of any kind that are outside of control.

Delivery and deliverytime

The ordered product or service, will be delivered immediately and the payment will be charged from your card after the payment has been processed.

Terms of subscription

When you click buy and process your payment, you give access and right to to charge 75€ after the end of the trial of 3 days if you have not unsubscribed your subscription within the first 3 days of your purchase. Your trial of 3 days costs between 1-4€, after the 3 days of trial the full amount of 75€, 560DKK, 710NOK, 775SEK will be charged. You will be charged 75€, 560DKK, 710NOK, 775SEK per. 30th day if you do not unsubscribe your membership. If you regret your purchase and subscription at PrimaryRent you have to immediately write or call customer care and ask for a refund. Please do not login to your PrimaryRent account if you regret your purchase. It is important that you make your message very clear with username, e-mail, name, phone number and that you want to get unsubscribed.

Cardholder’s liability and liability

Your subscription purchase is binding from the moment you purchased our product. You start using it right away. Cardholder is obliged to pay the full amount for the entire selected period and subsequent subscription claims, unless the subscription has been terminated in accordance with the above notice of termination.

Subscription cancellation procedure

If you make use of our campaign offer, then we will charge your payment for a full subscription period, if you do not unsubscribe your subscription 10 minutes before the campaign offer expires.

You can cancel your subscription through customer care or "my account".

Data security

All informations on will be handled confidentially and will not be sent to others. Every kind of communication with account card informations between you and the server which is encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket Layer)- encryption will be handled in confidential. All customer data and information will be deleted after 12 month if inactive.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to Just-Stream IVS. That is why that we have developed Privacy Policy that contains how we use, transfer, collect, disclose and store your information. All personal documentation is protected regarding to the applicable law in Denmark and EU. Please let us know if you have questions.

Use / Collection of Personal Information

Personal Information is the data that can identify a unique person.

When browsing through and using, we may ask you for your personal information at some stage. This information may be stored for internal use only, and we are using it accordingly to this privacy policy, to improve our website, products, service, advertising and to give you a better experience. Listed below are the types of personal information Just-Stream IVS may collect, and how we might use it.

What personal information we collect

When browsing and creating an account at, we may collect a variety of personal information, including but not limited to; e-mail, name, phone number, mailing address and contact preferences.

Your credit card information will not be stored with us, but with a third party vendor, who is licensed and registered in regards to the PCI DSS standards. This ensures you and us, that no credit card can be used fraudulently.


By payment, you agree that must deduct the agreed amount that is in accordance with the chosen service. As soon as the payment is completed you have access to the service offered by As you use the product immediately after purchase, you are not able to get a refund. Your membership runs afterwards and can not be terminated until you unsubscribe yourself. If you delete or cancel your user at our website, the rest of your trial period will be lost. By purchasing at , you pay through a secure SSL certificate that makes your information in good hands. You can see our SSL certificate on our website by seeing that there is a lock icon in the URL and it turns green. does not receive your credit card information, but will be issued to 3rd party. This service is solely provided by Just-Stream IVS, and all enquiries and complaints are to be directed at Just-Stream IVS.


When purchasing our service at, no right of withdrawal is granted if you use PrimaryRent while logged in. As an virtual product you can only use your 30 days of "right of withdrawal" if you dont use your benefit package at PrimaryRent. If you by mistake login to your account you have to write to customer care immediately after your purchase. If you use your benefit package you get full overview and visibility of the locked information and features that are not usually displayed and this can not be undone. If you no longer wish to continue with your product, please unsubscribe under "My Account" before the automatic renewal. If you cancel your subscription within the first 3 days, we will not charge 75€ each 30. day, but you cannot use the "benefit package" if you cancel.

If you cancel in the middle of a period longer than the 3 days of trial, you will have access to the benefit package for the rest of the period because it is already paid.

Sending emails to you

With your acceptance of these terms you also give your accept to to send out emails with informations about extra visibility, good offers regarding our service, and up sales of further membership periods, etc.


All questions regarding help, reclamations and etc. can write an email to

Change of terms remains the right with 30 days of warning to change the existing terms. Message regarding changes will be sent to the email address, you have used to register yourself on and/or will be publicly published on


All prices are incl. 25% danish taxes.

Promotional offers

If you have purchased your Benefits Package with a 3-day free trial to through our promotional campaign you can be the lucky to win the solely contact to the landlord behind the property and receive a physical product that we will send to the customer as a gift.

There are 2 kinds of promotional campaigns for

€1 Benefits Package: One winner will be drawn for every 5,000 participants in our promotional offer.

€4 Benefits Package: One winner will be drawn for every 1,000 participants in our promotional offer.

The winner will be contacted by phone or e-mail.

Termination and binding

You can after 6 hours terminate your subscription because of technical restrictions in our system. You can unsubscribe your subscription by going to “my account”. When you have unsubscribed your subscription will you not be charged further before you maybe re-activate your subscription. Termination of the subscription will only concern future orders. That is, your previous purchase will not be refunded. When your subscription is terminated, you will no longer have access to When your subscription is about to expire, our system will automatically renew so your subscription will not be inactive unless you have done so. When unsubscribed, please do so within 10 minutes before expiration, as our system will automatically renew it.

Procedure for renewing and deleting card numberse

If your card is closed, we consider this to be an unsubscription. That means that you will be able to use your remaining paid subscription period, and then you can use another card to renew your subscription if desired.


Any dispute between the business and the customer is subject to Danish law.


If the service is taken into service, the right to claim is waived. Should it occur that the product can not be used due to technical errors, the user may request additional subscription time, but it should correspond to the time when the user could not use the PrimaryRent service. However, this also requires the user to provide some documentation that they can not access and make use of our service. This can be done via. a recorded video of the screen during the process, or just a screenshot.

How we use your personal information

The personal information that we collect first and foremost makes us able to keep you updated on our products, both existing that may change and/or upgraded, and future products that will be advertised through these channels.

Furthermore it helps us develop, deliver and improve our products and advertising, and keep you updated when something is happening on our website and terms. Since these updates and notifications are important for your interaction with, you may not opt out of it, and they are mandatory for you to accept when choosing to browse and use

SSL Encryption

We at take every precaution to protect our users and members Sensitive Information both online and offline. This sensitive information of yours is password-protected for your privacy and security. Sensitive Information is encrypted and protected online with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.

If you as a customer is unsatisfied with us storing your data, you are by law justified to e-mail us at:, and get this information extradited and perhaps deleted from our system.

Our success is based on happy customers

  • “To have happy, satisfied and returning users at PrimaryRent is one of our biggest success criteria and fortunately, we have a lot of them.”

    Maria Berggreen

  • “User friendly system and great support. I will give them 5/5 rating, and a great applause for the great work behind the system.”

    Mercedes Beaufort

  • “The best portal to search for a new property! I found a great apartment in Oslo, without bigger hassle.”

    Nikolaj Johansson