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    The team behind PrimaryRent is passionated and works on daily basis to optimize the ease for the tenant and landlord.

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    Contact all landlords for a small price of 75€ every 30th day. We are confident that you will find your new home in a matter of days, so we allow short cancellation time.

  • Focus on human dialogue

    Search for your dream property on our user friendly and inspiring platform, contact the landlord to have a human dialogue and say hi to your new home.

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  • “To have happy, satisfied and returning users at PrimaryRent is one of our biggest success criteria and fortunately, we have a lot of them.”

    Maria Berggreen

  • “User friendly system and great support. I will give them 5/5 rating, and a great applause for the great work behind the system.”

    Mercedes Beaufort

  • “The best portal to search for a new property! I found a great apartment in Oslo, without bigger hassle.”

    Nikolaj Johansson